First off, I want to say that it makes no sense that the other thread on this issue was closed. Trolling or not, the issue is a valid Spurs issue that should be discussed on this board and the guy had legitimate statements. Just because a bunch of Spurs fans reacted poorly does not mean the thread should have been closed. It was a disagreement. Trolling is when you engage in illogical, excessive badgering. He didn't do that (with the first post) and therefore he should have been given reasons by spurs fans as to why he was mistaken. I am opening up this discussion again and would love logical discussion, so if you can't do that then go somewhere else.

I am struggling with this. At first I laughed it off and had a few choice words for Stern. I also agree with 90% of the reporters out there that this is a joke and makes Stern look goofy. However, after settling down, I have come to three new realizations.

1. I am a spurs fan who lives in Indiana. I do not have cable and I get to one live NBA game every couple years (time, energy, money reasons). That said, if the spurs came to Indy and didn't have 6 guys that I was excited about seeing, I would be disappointed. And it wasn't just that they didn't play. The issue (for Stern as well) is that they weren't even there. Yes, it may be minor, but even seeing a guy on the bench is better than not seeing him at all. I once had the opportunity to sit right behind a bench and it was amazing just to be near them. Would I still enjoy the game? Yes. Would I still enjoy the experience? Yes. Would I be disappointed? Absolutely!

2. Stern said this is about the fans. And while I think having 250,000 go into the Commish's money bag is a joke, he has a point. Yes many people think it is a dumb fine, however, i have also seen enough comments (and I have read a lot) agreeing with stern that they thought Pop was wrong. NBA coaches and columnists are not the people he is concerned about. It is the fans and the sponsors and in those two categories there are people who have issues with this. So Stern is not wrong when he says that in the circles he is concerned with, there are frustrations.

3. We all like to talk about how this is Pop's team to run but it is also Stern's league to run. So we can complain all we want, but Stern has been given the right to make these decisions. That being said, I don't think the 250k will stick, but I am sure they will have to pay some fine. And my guess is that an official "ruling" regarding this comes out in some form. Even though the details of how that would work seem crazy.

So don't get me wrong. I still completely disagree with the ruling, I just think there is some value is saying that Pop's actions aren't completely without a negative side.