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So we don't want or need 1.0-1.5 fWAR players in their pre-arb years?

Especially at two positions (LH 4th OFer and utility man who can be a platoon option at 3b) that we are looking to fill this offseason?
We have Dave Sappelt who should be able to handle the 4th OF'er option, so really, Tyler Colvin becomes superfluous. And while a platoon bat at 3b would probably be nice to have, it's also not the end of the world, nor, anything we should be crying over at this point.

It was a bad trade. But it also wasn't like we gave up anything but spare bench parts, and honestly, in the case of Tyler Colvin, Dave Sappelt shouldn't have too much of a hard time replicating what Colvin does on the road from Coors.