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This could certainly be a defense for Landry's poor play, but nothing came out about this last year. A chronic ailment like ulnar nerve impingment, certainly could have caused poor performance last year, but I think we would have heard something about it, and it would have been disclosed during a physical.
If they knew, I have no doubt that it would have been treated last year.

Still, my trust of the Knicks medical staff is not exactly at an all time high. And in the case of something like ulnar nerve compression, it's really hard to say since even Fields may not have been aware that there was a problem or even symptoms that needed reporting to a team physician.

And yes, I'm happy with Brewer.

Fields may still be overpaid even if you were going exclusively by his first year rookie stats. However, at this point I'm putting my judgement on him as a player on hold until we see a reasonable sample of his performance post-surgery.