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He never should've lost his job. Smith was never given a fair chance from the start- terrible teams + ****** coaches that didn't put any trust in him + offensive coordinator carousel. And when all those options actually fall into place he becomes a good QB and then gets thrown to the side again. It just wasn't a smart move to switch QBs during the middle of the season out of nowhere when we're trying to win a SB. Next year I think would've been the better time to start Kap.
Collin's took advantage of the opportunity and now he's playing good, some guys say that he gives you people the best opportunity to win, I've yet to see that. But to tell you the truth, the 49rs don't believe that much in Smith, we have all seen that, like for example in the offseason. Smith has played well these last two seasons, its time to let the guy shine in another team, I'd gladly accept him on the Jets.