over the last 3 years, we've seen him have spurts of scoring, stringing a couple good games together, but i think this one's different.

these last 8 games, he's scored 18 PPG with 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and a 2:1 assist:turnover ratio, and he's done it while shooting 51/42/86 -- 55/107, 8/19, 25/29 -- (FG%/3P%/FT%) while doing it). and it's not just that he's making shots, it's that he's making his shots. guys like kobe (and starbury and nick young and jamal crawford) will take any shot from anywhere on the court at any time, and that was the way turner had been playing his first 2 years here.

but what he's done the last few weeks is, as i said, gone after his shot. if you look at his shot charts on bask-ref and compare this year (and this stretch of games in particular) to previous years, there's a much stronger concentration of shots coming from around the net, at the foulline, and on the baseline, whereas in previous years, there was no such grouping. and it's not just that he's taking those shots, because he's also creating them for himself off the dribble, as opposed to just being set up for them off the catch.

and i think that's important because i think it shows that he now understands where he can his shot off against NBA defenders.

also, he's taking and making enough 3s (he has as many made 3s this year as he had all of last year) to add some extra value to his statline.

he's scoring in the paint, he's scoring on the baseline, he's scoring from the elbow, and the foulline and from the beyond the arc in the short corner.

so, i'm in. 100%. it's probably a little early to say this, but i think he's turned the corner and going forward, i think he's going to be the player we thought he would be when he was drafted.