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when was the last time sanchez stepped into anything but a hot steaming pile of ****?

Thing is for every great sanchez play in his career he would follow it up with about 4 terrible ones.

Hate to break it to you but sanchez is the same QB every one saw in 2009 and 2010. The only difference now is the Jets dont have the #1 rushing attack and elite defense to bail out his weekly mistakes.

This team is void of talent, so every sanchez mistake is exasperated.
people were fooled into thinking sanchez had good years only because the Jets were winning.

Just look at his stats. Since 2011 sanchez is #2 in turnovers. Hes never had a completion % over 57 or a QBR over 80.

If you are looking at sanchez high light reels you are just fooling yourself. For a quick dose of reality just look at Jamarcus Russel high light reels.
Jamarcus Russell ate himself out of the NFL, literally. There was once a time when he was developing into a solid QB, but then he decided food and purple drank were more important than his NFL career. That's what makes him a bust. Sanchez ranks absurdly low on the "bust" totem pole. He's nowhere near Ryan Leaf or Jamarcus Russell. He's a disappointment, but there's no guarantee we would have been any better off with another QB in the meantime.