Ill say this: I believe George Maloof wants out. I believe he's driving the bus. I believe they CAN'T say so. I believe the clock is ticking

The arena deal is on the table from the city STILL. It ain't happening. They (Ms) know this market is scorched. Doesn't matter where they go

Bottom line, I believe Sac is out of the picture. Seattle, VB, who knows. Eventually they will find a deal and take it.

The sliver of hope was the team having success.Ain't happening, and they can't fix it.The city and fans have done ALL they can and then some

IMO, the ONLY chance of keeping this team is banking on the Maloofs inability to close a deal elsewhere, for whatever reason.

If/when Va Beach collapses, bring in 3rd party mediation and hope for a miracle, because GM won't make a deal with KJ directly I believe.

There is absolutely zero we as fans can do now. I can't even believe IM saying this. It's crushing. They may be here this yr and next....

But at this point I'm treating this team like a dying relative. Enjoy the time we have left.Savor it.Doesn't MATTER why,just the inevitable.

Is anyone still holding false hope that this team will be in Sacramento long term? I know people here say the team won't move and all the relocation news is just BS rumors, but how can you actually think that?