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That's what so many fans miss about Gore. A lot of average joes think it's time for Gore to go as a RB in general which is completely absurd because he is so fundamentally sound and such a smart player that his value doesn't just lie in his run game(which he does an amazing job at anyway), but in his complete skillset as a back. Blocking, protecting, catching, patience, elusiveness, power, I mean everything you want in a RB is what we have been spoiled with in Gore.

I was watching some Kap highlights and specifically looked for blocks downfield on his big runs...Gore had some awesome cut blocks taking out would be tacklers and it put a huge smile on my face because who knows what would have happened to Kap. I'm not saying Kap wasn't aware of those defenders, but at the same time, Gore could have saved Kap from a crushing blow and it's all because he plays all-out. The best thing is Gore did this when the Niners were a losing team as well. He's just a ****ing stud.

A thousand times this.
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Crabtree is finally justifying me squealing like a school girl when we drafted him. Thanks Kap.