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I have no choice but to ignore the actual discussion because you provide nothing for your argument.. eaglesbaby puts together a masterpiece of a post and your rebuttal is a pile of garbage that doesn't actual respond to what's said in the post.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that people don't think you want DeSean Jackson on the team, and frankly I'm not sure how that even matters in this argument. You made the ridiculous statement that Maclin is better than Jackson and have nothing to back it up other than "Maclin has better hands" (which was shown to be untrue) and "Maclin draws more penalties" (!). Then you try to say Jackson doesn't produce like a #1 (proven wrong yet again) so you change it to "well I want a Calvin Johnson at WR" (because they grow on trees), despite the fact that you defend Michael Vick and his suckyness as if he was sucking your dick on a regular basis. Just stop saying stupid **** so we can end this pointless discussion
Lulz. He responded with, "My friend said this, so here ya go". I brought actual proof to the discussion. What else is there to respond to?

There aren't many outside of this forum that would argue that Maclin is a better "WR'" than Jackson. Jackson is easily the best play-maker that this offense has when the ball is in his hands, no doubt. I've never argued that at all, ever, and won't.

Give me something, show me some sort of proof that shows Desean as A) a better WR, and B) a more valuable WR. Can you do that without responding with, 'My friend said this, Aikman says, Joe Buck says, blah, blah, blah?

Maclin has 53 catches on 90 targets. 59% catches.
Desean has 45 catches on 87 targets. 52% catches.

That is at it's simplest forms without any other factors added in. Maclin catches more catchable balls. Maclin has 3 drops on the season. Jackson 0. BUT, maclin has a higher rate of catches per catchable balls. i am impressed with 0 drops for Desean, i thought I remembered 1 in the endzone against someone, can't remember the exacts.


It isn't that I consider Maclin as a true #1, i just see him as a more complete WR, that's all. Granted, I also know that Desean helps out with that, but the flip side to that is also true.

Deseans TD's are down this year as well, that's also a little alarming. He isn't making the big plays down the field and getting behind DB's as he did when he first came in to the league. Defenses have caught up to him some. Also alarming is they are tied with plays greater than 20 yards, something Desean, in his role, should be leading without question.

At the end of the day, their numbers are eerily similar. This is more of a slight on Maclin as he was the 1st round pick, and his production must get better.

Whether you like it or not, Maclin is rated out statistically with all things considered the more valuable of the 2. Of course advanced stats don't mean everything, but it's a starting point. If you want, keep ignoring it, that's cool too.