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Holy **** I cant freaken believe what I just read as to this guys attempt to trying to prove me wrong

You know you don't understand advanced stats and their correct context when your using WPA like baseball statisticians use war

Just WOW...

There is a reason Bdawk I haven't provided stats because the "dropped catches", "blocking stats" are only available to people who have paid subscription and aren't available to people like us who don't pay until the regular season is over... N The people on this site who I know pay for it haven't been on much lately because their busy with school and exams otherwise I would've gotten them to print screen it for you, but now after reading that gem, this is an absolute must for me to get my hands on that.

This is why I said its hard proving people wrong on a forum nowadays because people resort to advanced stats and some people ( like in this instance) start using stats that they have no idea what it really means. But I deff can't wait to reply to that post.

Not to mention you used a damn bleacher report article stating random numbers they didn't even accurately come up with, but took a random guess to get to.
Hence I said they weren't be all end all.

Also hence why I said BR wasn't the best resource, but it was there, and better than an analysis if Aikman/Buck.

But again, dodge it all, stay a homer, and keep looking foolish with outlandish comments with zero back up.