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    Quote Originally Posted by behindmydesk View Post
    Actually that's not how America works. The president isn't the king he doesn't just get to do whatever he wants. Boehner has every right as the majority leader of the house to get the votes not to pass something.
    That's how it works when all bush tax cts expire on 12/31. There is zero chance of an extension for all even coming to the floor for a vote in the senate, and there is less than zero percent of a chance that if a complete extension were to pass that it wouldn't be vetoed.

    So here we are, as Obama and the democratic controlled senate have said: pass extensions for everyone under $250k, then move on to the next topic. There is zero reason for dems to negotiate on this. If republicans refuse and everyone's taxes go up...who will get the blame? The party who will pass the extension for all under $250k or the party holding that hostage to include all other earners? That is how democracy works, that is what will happen. Republicans have zero negotiation room on this, even people like Lee Terry admit this. Dems have no reason to negotiate. The fiscal cliff is set up with the dems holding the cards.

    Hardball tactics should be dished right back to the rightist extremists who obstructed endlessly.
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