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So, I said Tebow...big deal. The point that I was trying to make is that Brees is small guy...and yes is a good Quarterback. But if you look at QB's..Michael Vick, RG3, Cam Newton, Alex Smith...these guys do get out of the pocket and run, when no one is open. Bress is barely 6 Foot, and instead of trying to make a bad throw, tuck the ball down and run the ball...instead throwing interceptions or taking a sack. That is why I like seeing QB's run when they have too...In many cases it was a have too situation with Brees but chose to make a force throw. That is the only reason that I brought up Tebow. Just an example. I do like Brees, but never put your foot into your mouth, stating you haven't send us do better yet....

Yes he is Human, and he is no Super Man. But you have a Head Coach in the absence of SP, and a Offensive Coordinator who he should be getting plays from. Not letting Brees call the plays.

Glad there is only 4 games left. We will be lucky to win 1 more. We are crap right now. Bounty Scandal or not....We suck. I do hope Sean comes back and cuts have the players. NOW I can't wait for that! WHO DAT
J Rok when you want to throw out the radical thoughts I'm the guy to talk to. If any recall during the early stages of Brees' contract negotiations I wanted us to let Brees make his money else where.

And obviously thank him for what he has done in NO.

I was for negotiating with a Matt Flynn or even a McNabb to see how this team would look if we went RUN Heavy and DEFENSE heavy versus PASS heavy. But it is what it is.

Tebow though meeeeh I'm on the fence with if I believe he could at least pass well enough to keep Defenses honest enough for our run game to work.

This I know for sure if Tebow did suit up in a Saints uni it would be exciting to see what would transpire.

Tebow playing for the Saints ha almost seems right in a way.