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    Oct 2010
    WE left two on the table...
    Siragussa screwed us and Brady screwed us.
    BTW, I still think we made the game ending 1st down in 01.

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    Feb 2007
    The Garden of Eden...New Jersey
    We couldn't defend Wiggins, we couldn't tackle Sharpe and we couldn't get a yard when we needed one.

    We didn't deserve to win either of those games.


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    Nov 2011
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    Tell you the truth in 2001 I was very concerned over the prospect of facing the Rams in the Super Dome. I think the Patriots saved us from a blowout.

    2000 was our best chance has we gotten past the Ravens, that loss was symbolic as I believe thats when Al began to question Gruden's ability as a coach. Gannon's injury notwithstanding that was one of the most impotent offensive efforts I have ever seen, that Baltimore defense was great, but the Raiders had the players win that game. Gruden's gameplan stunk.

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