I know this thread is general NFL but I dont want to here a bunch of homers babbling about their squad, I want an Impartial opinion(and LORD knows we are impartial at this point)

I think the Peyton Manning led Donkeys win it all.
they are starting to get on a roll and are winning the games they dont play well in.
They are top 10 in just about every measurable category as a team, and they dont have another tough game this year.

Ill take the donkeys over the giants who once again put together a strong playoff run.
They just have two things which I think are old AL davis favorites.
a pass rush that you simply cant contend with when they are determined to hurt you, and a QB without a conscience.
The 9ers go with the Kid and he winds up playing well, but making some rookie errors that cost them in the Championship.

ok, bust out the crystal ball fellas...