When I was a young boy, growing up in Western CA, My father sat me on his knee, turned on the television, and showed me my first basketball game. The teams were the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Golden State Warriors. I was captivated by the Blue jerseys of the warriors. Chris Mullin drained a 3, and I begun to cheer. My father looked me in the eye and says "Tony, Don't cheer for them, they're losers. The Gold team is the team that cares about winning." I'll never forget it. And now, as many of my closest brethan are toiled in year and year of watching losing basketball, I watch my Lakers on NBA league pass. And you know what, they're losing. but the lakers will be back, because thats what Laker Basketball is...Championships. So I ask you Warrior fans, When did you become a Warriors fan, and when is enough, enough?