Ben Henderson is a beast, and he's going to reign for a long time. This was really the only other challenger that could give him any problems, due to his boxing ability and ground game. But Henderson pretty much dominated the entire fight. Right now there isn't another LW that can beat him. We'll have to see Pettis, and how he performs against Cerrone. Hopefully Pettis wins, he's really the only other guy that can give him problems.

Gus vs. Shogun, to me it was predictable what would happen. I love Gus' upper cut. That thing landed multiple times on Shogun's chin multiple times. This was the first time I've seen someone pick Shogun apart technically. Without a question he is the 2nd best in that division. The skill level is crazy.

BJ Penn vs. Rory was embarrassing. BJ Penn is so old. Rory controlled the fight.

Also Rory can't beat Condit. The last fight Condit destroyed him in the 3rd round. The compubox stats were very one-sided, 79 to 29 punches for Condit. The 3rd round was a domination. Condit is very dangerous, I would expect another knockout by Condit.

Swick vs. Brown. Swick is so past his prime.