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    Pirates Coaching Changes

    Courtesy of Pirates Prospects

    Jay Bell has been named the new hitting coach.

    Rick Sofield, he was the West Virginia Power manager this past season, has been named the 1st base coach replacing Luis Silverio. He will also oversee the running game and outfield defense. I'm certainly happy to see someone new take over as the base running coach.

    Dave Jauss was added as a coach and there has been no specific role given for him.

    Silverio was names Senior Advisor, Latin American Operations.

    Obviously Jay Bell is probably the headline here.
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    I love me some Jay Bell! Always an underrated defender hidden behind Ozzie and Larkin but did manage one GG. I was happy he got a ring in '01. Good to see him on the Pirates staff.

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    These changes are probably for the best I would imagine

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