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    Quote Originally Posted by Thump View Post
    I can count on him not making 17 million again. He has a player option if the Yankees are smart they say take that.. It's 8.5 million which ain't bad. Perhaps they go a Rivera route and round it up to 10, but we won't see 17 million on Jeter next year. Count on that.

    Who knows what happens between now and next year, in terms of trades. However they are set up currently to be at 75 millon with a ton of holes and 100+ million to spend (and STILL not go over the 189 mark).. I think it will be ok..
    If Jeter has a solid season, there is a strong chance he ill turn down the player iption and become a FA. If that happens Im sure he can hold them hostage for $12 to $14 million.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nasthemasta View Post
    Even better....get that bum as far away from new york as possible

    Our problem the past 2 seasons has been inconsistency...the reason is because we have low average, low OBP guys who hit 40 homers a year....we need to bring in some guys that get on base, we need to start driving in runs without relying on the home run....Although swish is a decent on base guy, he just is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too inconsistent and disappears in the playoffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by infernoscurse View Post
    what have the yankees gained from overspending and getting the top talent available? 1 championship. time for a change
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yank-Knick-Up View Post
    Just because he imploded at the end of the season, don't mean nothing. The guy killed us in the postseason. And he almost won the Rangers a WS.

    Also, he's an explosive left-handed power hitter, who can last a long time hitting homers in YS.

    Would you rather have Prince Fielder who can't do anything beside play 1B, or Hamilton.
    2 years ago. last year, he was a completel laibility for texas in the playoffs. he was a big reaosn the O's moved on
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