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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianYankee View Post
    I like the idea of Sanchez getting a shot.

    What is with the argument some are making that he doesnt know how to frame a pitch? You mean he cant slide his glove an inch or two up or down, left or right after he catches the ball? Is he a ****** or something? Kids in little league frame pitches for goodness sake. As far as blocking pitches in the dirt, yes there is technique but at 19 he should be as physically mobile and adgile as he ever will be. Was he just given a ball glove last Christmas or has played some ball? As for calling pitches...that can be done from the dugout. You have Tony Pena and Joe Girardi in there who both know a thing or two about catching and calling games.
    If he were to come up he might not be Johnny Bench in year one or two but he wont be worse the Jorge in year one or two.
    I totally agree with leo...lets see if he can play...see the ball and catch it....see the ball and hit it....I am willing to bet also he wont hit worse than .211
    Maybe not.

    In 90 games behind the plate this season, Sanchez has allowed 18 passed balls. He has thrown out 45 of 149 (30%) of the runners attempting to steal a base on him. “I know that I have to work on my defense,” Sanchez said of his plans for the offseason. “That is what I am focused on, working on receiving, calling games and throwing. I need to work hard on everything.”
    Romine is considered to have a plus-glove, yes? Also, I think I heard Cashman say this week that Romine was hitting well in winter ball. Romine get's first shot regardless.
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