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Saudi Arabia supports most terrorist states and groups around the world. Most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi, and many of the people who fight us abroad(including Iraq) come from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia also commits numerous human rights abuses, and are often an oppressive regime towards their own people.

...BUT they're our ally, so the reality gets swept under the rug and is minimilalized.

What I just described is a good example of our relationship with Israel. If it's our ally doing it, well then it's entirely different. You can apply this to our own foreign policy as well.

Most Americans are conditioned to support our allies, regardless of the black and white reality of what these countries do. With information so monopolized, and the discussion(if any) being conducted in such a narrow spectrum, it's hard not to be this way.

The house of Saud is staunchly capitalist which is a western as you can expect from a theocratic aristocrasy.
The fact that the 9/11 Highjackers as well as OBL were saudi nationals has nothing to do with the political leadership of the country.
That was one of the worst misrepresentations of fact I have ever read in here.
OBL was kicked out of Saudi, his assets frozen, and his citizenry revoked for smuggling arms for terrorist purposes,the fact that the most zealous Jihadist have sprung from there is not a surprise considering how staunchly devoted to Sharia they are,this is in no way a reflection of The House of sauds alegiance to the west.
Conversely, despite a much more liberal application of sharia within Iran, the Republican Guard and the Supreme religious leaders have embraced clandestine and fully government funded terrorist activities through out the Muslim world against Isarel and Sunni nations.

Does anyone else find it odd that some people will freak out at the thought of Sharia law, at the same time trying to legislate Christian Doctrine into law?
Defense of marriage, Illegal abortion,Inclusion oF GOD in schools and everywhere else? what the hell is the difference? pretty much just the language(LOL).

Look, the bottom line is money and power ,it always is. Why was there little strife under the Romans,or Ottomans?
If we paid off the palestinians to pipe down and turn in their neighbors who made trouble, it would be over pretty quick.