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Interstingly enough there is a dynamic at work that suggests something to that very effect, depending on who you ask, Arab birthrates are double that of Jewish counterparts.a 75% majority enjoyed by Israelis,is in jeopardy of losing plurality in the coming century.

so while I am not suggesting they welcomed all Muslims with open arms, they werent trying to ethnically cleanse the land.
Additionally, as I pointed out, the entire country of Jordan was intended to be an arab/muslim homeland for Palestinians, the palestinian state wording became very popular after the fact.

You know what I think? The bottom line is that it has nothingh to do with land or religion...it is about power, which is a veiled way to say MONEY.
who ever is in charge gets to decide who gets what.
There are christians, and hindus, and everything else in most muslim countries around the world.There are muslims and hindus in every christian country in the world, all that really matters to people is ,are they being "cared" for.
If we REALLY wanted to stop this B.S.
we could flood the westbank and Gaza, with Aid...plug them into the international money teat, In essence that is how we solved the Iraq civil war...handing out money.
Money talks...If the world pitched in and made the little land they have now a really, really great and comfy place to live? they would STFU.
when people are absolutely starving to death...they are too busy trying to survive to complain about anything,it is when they are existing at the fringe of survival that they are angry enough,without being desperate enough , to make problems.I am not advocating on either side with those observations, it is just a historical reality, so they either moveup or down, but as long as they are on that line...there will be problems.
When countries plug into the US teat, the well-connected in the country do great but the rest... no so much.