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    New Stat: Norm+ QB Rankings

    Since FortDetroit hates QB rating because it adds arbitrary weighting to statistics I took the 4 main stat to me that show QB prowess. And made my own system. No number like 93.6 is equated, purely a ranking based off just this year.

    Therefore it's not good comparing to other years since it will only show where a QB ranks that season among his peers.

    Here's what I got.

    1. Robert Griffin III ---------- Passer Rating-Rodgers
    2. Peyton Manning ---------- Passer Rating-Brady
    3. Aaron Rodgers ---------- Passer Rating-Peyton
    4. Alex Smith ---------- Passer Rating-RGIII
    5. Tom Brady ---------- Passer Rating-Alex Smith
    6. Ben Roethlisberger ---------- Passer Rating-Ben
    7. Drew Brees ---------- Passer Rating-Brees
    8. Matt Schaub ---------- Passer Rating-Ryan
    9. Matt Ryan ---------- Passer Rating-Schaub
    10. Josh Freeman ---------- Passer Rating-Freeman
    11. Andy Dalton
    12. Russell Wilson
    13. Joe Flacco
    14. Philip Rivers
    15. Kevin Kolb
    16. Tony Romo
    17. Eli Manning
    18. Carson Palmer
    19. Jake Locker
    20. Matthew Stafford
    21. Sam Bradford
    22. Christian Ponder
    23. Cam Newton
    24. Ryan Fitzpatrick
    25. Matt Hasselbeck
    26. Jay Cutler
    27. Michael Vick
    28. Blaine Gabbert
    29. Andrew Luck
    30. Mark Sanchez
    31. Ryan Tannehill
    32. Brandon Weeden
    33. John Skelton
    34. Matt Cassel

    So using TD% INT% Comp% and YPA UNWEIGHTED seems to produce pretty similar 5 all the same but in a different order. Nobody top 10 off by more than one spot. Seems to only produce a number and not really add weight to any one stat.

    Proof that Fort's whining over the weighting of it means nothing. Just like I said.
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