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I honestly think there's a really strong pro-Palestine presence in this country, more than ever. Obviously, the innocent people are always the victims but I'll support Israel over a group of people that are represented by fundamentalists.
Some of this is for you and the rest is just a tangent, ha.

Many Americans may be headed towards a pro-Palestine stance, however the stigma of supporting Palestine seems to be summed up as anti-Semitic, which is a huge cop out in my humble opinion and causes Americans and westerners to usually recant their statements or rethink their personal ideals due to daily pressures from groups and organizations who have their own agendas and attempt to impress their own ideals amongst the masses . However, this has nothing to do with whether or not Israel is right or whether Palestine is right. It's not about taking sides in the matter, in which by the way both sides are guilty of committing heinous crimes and have more blood on their hands than one could imagine. It boils down to human rights and the fact that innocent people are being killed because of pathetic excuses that are regurgitated over and over again.

If this wasn't a big deal then Israel would have no reason to come out and publicly denounce and downplay this overwhelmingly world supported resolution. At least that's how I see it. Why waste the time to downplay something that isn't a big deal to begin with?

Israel isn't concerned about Palestine becoming a country to the same extent as they are concerned about their public image since they are now liable to war crimes, retribution, etc., everything which by the way Israel has been privy to since 1948 and for good reason, but to turn around and exact pain and suffering on some innocents who although are sometimes backed by fundamentalists is complete negligence for humanity. Same goes for Palestinian fundamentalists who rather than believing in coexistence would rather blow up Israel. There's a lack of education within Palestine when it comes to politics and many blindly follow the scent of fundamentalism due to promises, which are more often than not empty promises.

I'm not coming out and saying Israel is wrong and Palestine is right and not vice versa either, all I'm saying is that there's so much information that is neglected, that is swept under the rug, and that is carelessly forgotten--that's the shame that I find in this situation.

It depresses me more than anything and I would love to see this conflict end, however, it's a dream.

Israel could never lay down her guard because without a militaristic nation, the country would cease to exist. A two-state solution would alleviate some problems, but certainly other problems would arise and fairly quickly at that. A single-state solution would mean the demise of Israel as well, as the majority of the citizens would be Arab-Israeli and could effectively alter Israel's priorities as a nation economically, politically, and socially.

Again these are my thoughts and offer these in the hopes of discourse and discussion. I feel as though in throwing out my ideas, others are able to reply and state their own thoughts creating and harboring a place of conversation and dialogue.