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Dwan Edwards is younger than Ron Edwards and is every bit as essentially to this D-line as Ron. Losing either without drafting his replacement could be disastrous. I would give them both extensions AND draft a NT in the first or second round. Obviously, we can't afford too much, but we should be able to afford something reasonable for both.
No way Ron gets an extension. He still has another year on his contract. At his age (and injury status), the only thing he should get is a pay-cut. We can talk about an extension after next year is over. Dwan has done a stellar job this season, but I wouldn't say he's irreplaceable or anything. I'd love to see him re-signed, but we all know how this team is with overpaying it's players.

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Today proves that Edwards is top 3 among the most important players on the defense this year.
100% agree here, but I just hope he's willing to take a pay-cut. Even if we do draft a NT in the draft, I'd like to keep Ron if possible.

If we can get Ron, Beason, Gamble, Gross, or maybe even Smitty to take cuts we would be in fine position to get a difference maker in FA + sign Dwan to a 3 year deal.