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You package 2-3 of guys for Gordon, while we still have Mazzoni for 2014; Montero and Urbina in 2015. Familia; Mejia, and Tapia for Gordon. Gordon will give you at worst .350 OBP/.440 SLG along w/ solid defense; 10 - 15 SB's, and he's 29 and locked up til 2016 for about 11 mil per year average. Sign Pelfrey; Chris Young, and Chien-Ming Wang as insurance, move Flores to second(if Murph falters or gets injured, he can play at 2B), resign Torres as a cheap 4th outfielder and lets roll.

Santana(til July, Wheeler after); Harvey, Gee, Niese, Dickey

CF- Kirk; RF- Duda(w/ some time at LF and 1B); LF - Gordon, 2B - Murphy, 3B - Wright, SS - Tejada, 1B - Ike, C - Stoppach/Thole

Torres, V-Spin, Turner, Baxter

Insurance pitchers:
Young; Pelf, Ming-Wang

You have still have Flores; Maz, Dekker, Puello, and Lagares for this year and next, while you have Montero/Umbina/Nimno a ways away. Sure 2013 would probably be a .500 or 85 win season, however you'd be very close to making the playoffs in 2014. Get Cory Hart or Kendry in 2014, along with picking up a Freddy Garcia or David Phelps # 5 starter who can pitch in the rotation decently or the bullpen, and you have a legit pennant competing team in 2014.
LOL you post some entertaining scenarios. And i like how you name all these guys in the minors that we have right now and say "we still have ........ " making it sound like thats a good thing. If all those minor leaguers u mention that we'd "stll have" end up being on our 25 man roster at once, that means we suck terribly and will continue to suck. Do you think all our minors guys are gonna be good? Most of them will amount to nothing.