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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleJesus View Post
    I understand the trade from both sides. I am extremely excited to see how Meyers turns out here, and there is every indication from management that they are going to bring Meyers up as a starter.

    This is one of those trades, where you have to wait awhile for a return of investment, but all of a sudden, you are sitting on your couch watching a game, and then a rookie pitcher makes his debut, and when he is in the 7th inning, has only given up 2 runs thus far, and has struck out 7, you google how your team got him, and see that all you had to do was give up a .280 hitter...the only down fall in this scenario, is the 2 or 3 year wait.

    From a Washington perspective, I would be excited about adding a quality lead off hitter and fielder who will contribute immediately, to a team who is ready to make noise in the playoffs.
    I agree with every word of this from PurpleJesus. You guys filled a hole you had, and I'll be rooting for you this year in the playoffs (since the Twins obviously won't be in it). Other then the Twins, the Nationals will be my team to watch.

    I'm excited to see what Meyer does for the Twins in a few years. I've heard nothing but good things about him. I just hope he doesn't end up being a bust.

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    Span fits perfectly and can gives the team a lot of options going forward. I like LaRoche more as a fan of the team but with his asking amount and age Morse may be a better fit at the moment. Who knows though.

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    Priority #1 taken care of. Now time Greinke. If his asking price get too high, go to plan B, that being TB & one of their many fine starters. They'd come a lot cheaper than Greinke, thats for sure.

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    I'd prefer a trade for a 5th starter it comes cheaper then having to spend a ton of green so that way we have enough cash in the future to lock our own talent up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlznerson View Post
    At this point I agree that we should let Morse take over 1B again. I just don't see LaRoche being able to put up another season like that for another 2-3 years. We saw what a fully-healthy Michael Morse was capable of in 2011. On the other hand I'm going to contradict myself here but how would you guys feel if we signed LaRoche and dealt Morse say to Tampa, for James Shields?
    That would be ideal in my eyes. We need someone to replace the hole in the rotation that Jackson's (probable) leaving will have. Shields could come in and give us the same type of numbers. I think that'd be a very good trade for us.

    There was a rumor online of Morse and Espinosa for Shields was a possibility but that feels like too much to give up.
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