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I understand the trade from both sides. I am extremely excited to see how Meyers turns out here, and there is every indication from management that they are going to bring Meyers up as a starter.

This is one of those trades, where you have to wait awhile for a return of investment, but all of a sudden, you are sitting on your couch watching a game, and then a rookie pitcher makes his debut, and when he is in the 7th inning, has only given up 2 runs thus far, and has struck out 7, you google how your team got him, and see that all you had to do was give up a .280 hitter...the only down fall in this scenario, is the 2 or 3 year wait.

From a Washington perspective, I would be excited about adding a quality lead off hitter and fielder who will contribute immediately, to a team who is ready to make noise in the playoffs.
I agree with every word of this from PurpleJesus. You guys filled a hole you had, and I'll be rooting for you this year in the playoffs (since the Twins obviously won't be in it). Other then the Twins, the Nationals will be my team to watch.

I'm excited to see what Meyer does for the Twins in a few years. I've heard nothing but good things about him. I just hope he doesn't end up being a bust.