Dream Team:

Robinson/ Ewing
Malone/ Barkley/ Laettner
Bird/ Pippen/ Mullins
Jordan/ Drexler
Magic/ Stockton

2012 Team (Healthy)

I think if Wade, Rose, Howard, Bosh, & Griffin were healthy then they would have replaced Harden, Davis, Chandler, Westbrook, & Iguodala

Howard/ Bosh
LeBron/ Love/ Griffin
Durant/ Melo
Kobe/ Wade
CP3/ Deron/ Rose

They have the advantage on strength (and offensive skill) in the post with Malone, Barkley, Robinson, & Ewing. MJ is MJ so that speaks for itself. Magic & Bird has the IQ advantage...

On the other hand Malone will have to hold (or try) LeBron or Durant. Magic & Stockton cannot keep up with CP3, Deron, or Rose... The team that played in 08 & 12 had much harder competition then Dream Team who were playing fans also...

7 Game series though