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LOL - hoping to fit in with each other? Unlike cities like Boston, New York isn't a click where you hope to fit in. You fit in regardless. I lived there for a long while and crime never found me or anybody I knew. Your perceptions are comically inaccurate and certainly a small town mind. The place has everything and anything you would or could want. Then again, some like to just play on the internet and post hate while making accusation about places, people and things they obviously know little about.
What? (I really would like to take this discussion to where it makes sense to have) So you are saying there isn't a lot of crime in NY? Come on man. I live right outside of DC and Baltimore and I would be a fool to sit here and lie about there being no crimes in either of those cities because I wasn't the victim of a crime.

What is NY? A Giant *** city doesn't take someone who lives there to figure that out, and it doesn't take anything other than someone's personal preference to figure out they do/don't want to live there.

The only thing with cities is whether you can handle driving there or not. If you can drive around D.C. Baltimore, Philly, NY, Boston, you can drive anywhere. It is really funny because I go to school in the south, and when my GFs family make up for a visit her mom pulled over on the beltway and was crying because she couldn't handle it.