With the NBA heading into the second month of play, fans and experts are getting a better fell for teams around the league and what they might need to make improvements. Philadelphia is one team that is not playing as expected, but much of that is because of the injury to Andrew Bynum, but a trade could give the 76ers and their fans the spark they need for the rest of the season.

Rumors have Bynum missing anywhere from another month to the rest of the season and in either case adding another center is a solid move for the franchise. Zach Buckley has suggested that the front office looks into adding Drew Gooden from Milwaukee as the veteran isn't getting any playing time and the cost for Philly would be minimal.

Gooden is a solid rebounder and decent scorer as his career totals of 12 points and 7.7 rebounds suggest. The 31-year-old still has the game to help a team, especially one fighting for a spot in this year's playoffs and the 76ers could use another big body in the paint.

The NBA trade deadline is still weeks away, but moving quickly on a trade like this could help both Gooden and the team as a short term solution as the 76ers battle to stay in contention in the tough Eastern Conference.

Send us Richardson for Gooden and call it a day.