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Ya pretty sure you can bookmark this thread for the crash back down to Earth in Baltimore this coming season...

They're record in 1 run games (29-9) and extra innings (16-2) was a once in a life-time situation. Even if those go back to average, the Orioles don't sniff the playoffs.

The rotation has a lot of questions. Chen going into his second tour of the league should be cause for concern too. We've seen a lot of Asian pitchers have a solid first season and then get hammered the following seasons. Gonzalez came out of no where, does that last? I remember Orioles' fans saying Brad Bergesen was the next big thing too... Tillman was awful before last year too, does that happen again? Which Hammel will show up? Saunders should be average as usual.

To me that's a lot of question marks and what if's in a starting rotation... The BP was great too, but you can't count on great BPs every year no matter what you do, too fickle.

They have some solid bats that shouldn't be a problem, though guys like Jones and Davis had career years, have to see where they go from here. The Orioles used a lot of smoke and mirrors and got performances from nobodies that it is hard to count on again.

They could take right where they left off last year, but personally I'm not betting on it. There will be a lot of hungry teams in this division that will not be taking the Orioles lightly any more. And if they put up those kind of numbers in one-run and extra inning games again, I'll eat my keyboard.
And you don't take into account the different from this ball club from 1st half to 2nd half. We kept patching our rotation in the 1st half, that didn't happen in the 2nd half.

You also fail to realize that maybe this team gets better, you never know. It could easily get worse too, but you act like this team will be the exact same team or worse, not improve. That's all I see in posts regarding us. We have a very young ball club and it looks as if we'll make some moves. Wait til we see these teams play.