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    Lightbulb WSSP 1250: Hammond and Skiles not on same page

    Woelfel discusses he met up with Ersan in locker room after loss to Knicks. Ersan not happy with 13 minutes of play. Sparky says who cares? He's been lousy most of the season and he signed the contract. He will get over it while having $8M. Besides he knew who our coach is. Besides only reason he got to play last year was cause of tons of injuries.

    Then Sparky suggests was Ersan a Kohl signing or what? We already drafted Henson then later over pay to keep Ersan when we didn't need him with the log jam we already have at PF. Then Woelfel said Jennings and Ellis were long gone before reporters got into the locker room. A ton of the players not happy with spot minutes or erratic minutes up and down game to game.

    Then Woelfel suggests a trade or Skiles fired has to happen. Sparky said he doubt Skiles fired this early. But back to the Ersan signing then they go onto saying we have over priced Gooden not even playing. Or lack of minutes to Beno some nights and he has a huge deal but now expiring. But then Woelfel says well he was part of the Salmons trade.

    Then they mention Moute will be back in less then a week now. Now how will the minutes be handed out? Then they go on saying we have players that are to similar also Skiles having a hard time finding a consistent 5 guys to start each game.
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