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    Hopefully he doesn't have to battle strep throat again

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    Thoughts on game:

    Offense - Weeden with another up and down game as accuracy continues to be an issue. Very good 94 yard drive though to end the game. Really love watching when he can get the ball out in front of a WR/TE and them do their thing like Gordon's and Watson's catches at the end. That throw though when he was going down and ended up being a sack was just ridiculous though. Have to be smarter than that in the second half of a road game Rook. With his overthrows I don't know if he is just that jacked up which is probably the case or if he thinks the WR is going to be able to get to the spot but he needs to relax and put the ball in his spots like the Gordon catch on the sidelines. He took a lot of hits yesterday, did a good job in the pocket for most of the game as well as he did not hold onto the ball and I believe Oakland only got 1 sack on like 10 QB knockdowns. Good job of stepping up in the pocket too when Lauvou would constantly let his guy go on him. Your lucky Shawn you pushed TRich for 8 yards in the final minutes of the game to make up for a horrendous day from you again.

    TRich with another workhorse day. Need to get more carries for Hardesty though. I would like to see 20 carries for TRich a game and around 8-10 for Hardesty to mix in the burst that he gives them TRich still needs to get his carries and catches to keep the defense honest but Hardesty has shown that he can bring a different skill set than T-Rich can right now and that needs to be used more often.

    Greg Little - welcome to the NFL bud. Looks like he has finally put his ego aside and is playing for this team instead of himself. Nice catches all day, nice fighting after the catch and as always nice blocking. Watson nice game. Gordon great game and really starting to turn on his curls and MoMass with a decent game for only being targeted twice.

    Defense - Typical bend but don't break day. D-Line really did nothing special all day and LB's seemed non-existent for much as well. Skrine, come on man. Brown good game but you still should not be a starting corner on the outside on a winning NFL team. Ward, TURN AROUND once in a while.

    Special Teams - Sorry Philly but you should still be in the Pro Bowl this year. Hodges once again I am done with you. Cribbs, I am done with you too. Take the knee when you are 9 1/2 yards in the endzone. Its ok starting at the 20 at times compared to the 6 fool.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonevision View Post
    I know the Raiders secondary is pitiful but Brandon Weeden made some incredible throws out there today. They seem to be a bit hand-cuffed in the red zone but that will come in time. Didn't think we were gonna see that today with the forecast. kosar4presodident wasn't that far off the Weeden prediction aside from the 4 TDs.

    Already stoked about the Chiefs coming into the dawg pound next week. Romeo is bringing Brady Quinn and Peyton Hillis back to Cleveland and I'm sure all three will have a chip on their shoulder. Gonna be a great game, wish I could be there.
    I was thinking the same thing. LOL! Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

    the game was a pretty good game, minus the underthrow int and over throw int. On the underthrow int , it should have been another for Gordon as he had a step on his CB.
    Here comes the NEW BROWNS!!!

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