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    Quote Originally Posted by HouRealCoach View Post
    Hogan can't go to WWE lol...

    Do they even have the "nWo" rights anymore? I heard they sold it a while ago
    Yeah they still have the rights. Vince would never sell something like that. They just released a NWO dvd a few weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H-town Mastodon View Post
    Maybe I should jump the barricade and make my WWE debut with chainsaws a blazing that night that would be clearly something you guys wouldn't forget
    As long as you get a good shot at Cena, go in for the finisher!

    3x WWEWHC / 2015 Royal Rumble Match Winner / 1X WWE Tag Team Champion / 2014 WWE Superstar of The Year

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    Doing that would rid the world of John Cena

    Props To CheapTrikz For The Sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crom-Viscera View Post
    thank you, sir! soundtrack for rest of day complete!

    Quote Originally Posted by Knowledge View Post
    X Gut
    lmao. this made me crack up.

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