Norv does have a relationship with Dallas, but I am not sure how Callahan would feel about us bringing Norv in as OC. I would like to see Callahan or Norv get play calling duties as Garrett is a terrible OC. I don't think he's ever been a great OC but I think the HC duties have hurt his ability as OC, just as being OC has hurt his ability to learn and grow as a HC. Personally I think he should go or give up OC duty. His mistakes with game management and clock management are inexcusable however I guess we can say they are growin pains with a new/inexperienced HC who is also trying to be an OC. I am also not sold on this guy making people accountable and he certainly hasn't been able to cut down in the penalties. Whether the players respond to him remains to be seen, but I believe we will be able to tell going into these last games of the season.