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    Quote Originally Posted by The goods:24509838
    When the Lakers lose it ****s up my whole day, I can't stand it especially when we're under performing.
    Good thing they usually play late afternoon then.

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    It's probably because the Los Angeles Lakers are always supposed to win. The Lakers have more championships than the Dodgers and Angels combined. We as Laker fans expect our heroes to win all the time!!!!!! BOTTOM LINE!

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    i disagree, my packers got completely embarrassed by the giants on national tv this week and i'd have rather had the lakers take a butt-kicking. but thats because you have 16 in the nfl and 82 in the nba. the games count more in football. maybe there are more trolls in the nba forums? maybe because the lakers "got better" and are playing worse than last year? too many variables
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