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Lucks defense isn't that bad and deserves a HELL of a lot more credit than they get...their overall ppg against numbers are skewed by a few bad games (41, 35, 59, 33) where they gave up a bunch of points.

In their 10 wins they have only given up an average of 18.5 ppg (for a barometer of how good of play that is, that's equivalent to the 4th best scoring defense in the NFL this season), despite having to deal with a turnover prone offense that is top 10 in the NFL in most turnovers. So essentially, in the collective 10 wins the Colts have, Luck has had top 5 defensuve play helping him out. It's not just Luck putting the team on his back, he's gotten PLENTY of help from his defense in the wins...despite how the lovers try to spin it based on a few bad games.
ok so lets disregard 31st in takeaways, 30th in 3rd down stops, 30th in run D 28th in sacks and 26th in YPG... lets disregard all that because in 10 games we held opponents to 18.5 PPG.

Pertaining to Luck for OROY or how it impacts his stats, having a decent red zone defense (15th) makes no difference. The only thing that impacts is W/L. He is not on the field as often as he should be, our defense struggles to get him the ball.

This is the most important thing about what you pointed out. Lesser teams can walk all over our defense, but we still hold them enough times to FG trys to pull out wins. Better teams break through our defense pretty awful and destroy it putting up big numbers and force Luck and co. to try and throw us out of a deficit.