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    Lol at y'all complaing , make your thread bro Billips is a valuable player and hasn't played since last year . His return is earlier than expected

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmoney85 View Post
    amare was a top 5 player in the league with phoenix... go read a book or something
    Ouch, nice comeback! Maybe if Amare read a book on D he could have been a top 5 player. There is this thing called defense. No one who plays it like Amare was or will ever be a top 5 player. Just my opinion.

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    This is the impact on games Chauncey has that people don't understand. Clippers ball movement, turnovers and late game composure look insanely better with Chauncey the last two games. He just makes the right plays. This is the benefit to running two great PG's. Very little turnovers, elite ball movement, good ability to get to the line and convert. The assist to turnover ratio has been INSANE the last two games.

    Also Billups has been very good on D even though he's out of shape. Massive defensive upgrade to Green/Crawford just like I predicted.

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    **Breaking news derrick rose just took a major ****. It was his 196th **** since tearing his ACL**

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    Can i make a thread about Nash Returning :O

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