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    5 Games Left and things aren't going as plan

    Well I don't know if we are going to be contenders or pretenders in the next 5 games. And if by luck we are in as a wild card and the same senario again "Contenders" or "Pretenders". Brees has many times stated we haven't played our best yet when we won games. That certainly was the case against the 49'ers. A game that we should had won but neglected to win. I don't know who played better in that game. I will have to say the Defense cause OUR OFFENSE didn't cut it.

    5 games left, and I hope we don't go in at the Georgia Dome and take the Falcons lightly. If so, than we are definitely history for this year. We don't need anyone getting cocky and going to Atlanta. I can see the Seahawks, Vikings and Bucs losing this weekend. But it must start with a Win for the Saints on Thursday night. If not a win, than I guess we will just see the players and fans on Bourbon Street and French Quarters watching the Super Bowl. Talking how they should had been there.

    I do miss Sean Payton! I hope next year we cut players and bring in new players. Got too many old players still trying to cut the mustard and got some players getting paid way too much and not delivering. Goes for Defense and Offense.

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    I think if nothing else next season we will kick some serious azz

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