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Yes, I think his basketball IQ is very good, agreed. But his maturity and problem solving skills are very low. They are two sperate traits completely.
I said basically the same thing yesterday, maybe you'll get a positive response here...

Remember, lessons in life untaught, become lessons unlearned. You just become older but never having ascertained the tools needed. They/ themselfs, form what is called a pattern. They have traits, that follow that pattern. They then become mistakes......over and over again.

Rondo, " Breaks TV in locker room and storms out. "

Rondo, " Having trouble with coaching and being coached. "

Rondo, " Issues with getting along with teammates at times. "

Rondo, " Threw towels in locker room after disagreement. "

I like Rondo....Im not a Rondo hater(for youth), I just think you must own your mistakes, LEARN FROM THEM, so they don't hurt YOU later in life.
Yup, the question is when will Rondo learn to break his cycles? Emotional issues are usually notoriously hard to get through. Rondo is 543 games into his career. After last years playoffs I promised to give him another chance. How many last chances does someone have to run through before people just give up?