I recall an interview done with two former Raider LBs. I'm so pissed cant remember names. Howard now with Bangles and our middle LB that went to Jacksonville. Any ways Howard made a comment that struck me at the time and now I'm starting to understand more and more why with virtually the same team that was sweeping the division is now at rock bottom.

Howard " Were family guys. Quiet. Were the only ones on the team not out at the clubs every night. We just stay home and go over our assignments with each other or play Madden football." Laughing as he says it. Giving his teammate a side ways glance as if thinking he just let the monkey out of the bag didn't he?.

It would make sense. Every Sunday its the same old excuses. We just need to focus better. There was a lot of miscommunication. To much confusion on Defense. We were unable to work together as a team.

Typical lip service from a bunch of guy's not willing to admit they may have a problem. So the last thing there going to do is stop. You got McClain who looks exhausted if he has to cover any more than a ten yard area. A team that can never seem to get outta bed early enough to be mentally and physically ready by game time. Probably to hung over to even assimilate the half time adjustments. They walk out of half time even more stuck then they were. Guys like Kelly referring to us as people that don't really know what there talking about, And he only cares what his daughter thinks. Word of advise Kelly. The next time your daughter asks you why a guy as big as you keeps getting his but kicked every Sunday you might wanna come up with something more umm... true.Rather than "I don't Know". It's so obvious he could care less. He knows he's gone at the end of the season. Whats worse is most guys would be playing there butts of for a new contract with another team. He could care less. One of the richest losers to ever shame the Silver and Black.

I truly hope that Allen isn't as oblivious as he seems to be lately. I hope they know what a drunk our drug addict looks like. How many years did they allow he who shall not be named to come in high on codeine, passing out in meetings, way to loked out to even attempt to talk to anybody with out sounding like he should have driven in the back of the small bus rather than an Escalade to work. I new that fat ******* was high the first interview i saw him do. How can you not?

I hope that they clean house of the losers and bring in a bunch of people that eat drink, and breath football. The NFL is far to good for guys not willing to avoid strip clubs and casinos for a nice quiet night home studying up on there playbooks and making sure they are physically ready for Sunday!!!