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    Fast Way to Rebuild the Mets

    By non-tendering Pelfrey, Torres and Acosta the Mets save $9.5M that can buy us a FA right fielder like Swisher. If Duda can play LF and Swisher plays RF all we need is a CF leadoff batter to fill the gaping hole and have a decent lineup. With the Bay restructuring I say sign Bourne for five years at $12M in 2013, followed by $15M for the next four years and a $3M option/buyout to give him his $75M/five year deal he seeks and may deserve. It's essentially the deal we should have offered Reyes when we had a home town discount. While Bourne averages 4 41 .272 with an .340 OBP he also averages 50 SB a season and 93 runs scored---that's good enough for me and addition by subtraction if we take him away from the Braves. Re-sign Hairston and platoon him with Duda and may the best/hottest hitter win the majority of the playing time. The payroll remains about where it was in 2012 and the fans will start showing up again and increase revenues if the Wilpons show us that they are re-signing Wright and Dickey and are reinvesting the Bay money wisely. Save the trading chips in the minors until we know what they are worth.

    New lineup: Bourne-L, Tejada-R, Wright-R, Davis-L, Swisher-L/R, Duda-L/Hairston-R, Murphy-L/Turner-R, and Shoppach-R/Thole-L. Valdespin, Hicks, Baxter or Nieuwenhuis round out the bench. This lineup could be competitive if Duda has any kind of decent season.

    Santana, Dickey, Niese, Harvey, Gee and sign a retread [could be Pelfrey on an incentive laden contract or CYoung] followed by Francisco, Parnell, Byrdak, Edgin, Rauch [or equal for $3M], Familia, Mejia, ERamirez, Carson plus a veteran LOOGY for insurance...that's 10 talented guys for seven bullpen spots...AKA - depth. Keep the McHugh types in AAA where they belong. If all breaks right this team could win 90. If not, for 2014, use Santana's $24M to rebuild the remaining weak spots and enjoy Wheeler replacing him in the rotation. By then we will also know if WFlores and CPuello will be big league starters and if the bullpen kids become mature pitchers and not just throwers.
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