I post this in the MLB forum because I see it here the most. I also see that baseball players are probably some of the highest paid players in all of sports.

I have 2 questions actually, are baseball players (or all sport players or thay matter) overpaid? Also, are some players so greedy?

I see players such as A-Rod who years ago expected 300 million an refused to sign for a penny less, any Scott Boras client who won't sign for anything less than 7 figures. I also see the David Wright situation, claiming he wants 7+ years and it's not about the money when the Mets offered him 7 years (supposedly)

A lot can be done with the average salary of an MLB player (3.4M I believe) and, is it really worth all that money for somebody who just plays a game? This may sound cliché but, comparing the money to the salary of somebody who cotributes to society (i.e a teacher) doesn't it seem a bit unfair? Even if you're in neither of their shoes.

Why is money such a big deal? Is having 300M a lot worse than having 100M and for that matter, isn't 1M more than enough to live on? Not saying players should only get paid 1M but, this ties into the idea if baseball should have a salary cap.

Is all of this money really necessary?