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    Canadian In Michigan.
    Quote Originally Posted by debo View Post're delusional, man.

    Responding to your attacks by goin nowhere near the lines of "you're wron because you're atheist" which you spewed is now I'M baiting? Get the **** out. You were and are a huge problem to this site, but you think you're untouchable.

    I had huge problems with BMD over his actions. I no longer do because he's not contributing to the problem. Problems stem from the holier than thou attitude you and some other moderators possess. You ignore the concerns of long time members who want to improve the site. You portray an attitude of ignorance and displaced blame. I'm sick of your hypocritical ********.
    No offense here but I find it kind of ironic that you just freaked out about him pushing all the blame off himself and refusing to believe he did anything wrong in a holier than thou attitude... when you literally just did that in this post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cub_StuckinSTL View Post
    Maybe I find it ridiculous that so many are pro religious.
    H-here-here we go!

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    Okay so admin already said it's a no go, I'm going to close the thread. In the meantime...

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