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I'm currently AGR, E6. I'm on my 2nd enlistement and I deployed for 15 months. You are absolutely right those weren't true wars in the traditional sense, which is why I referenced them. I was trying to point out how a technologically inferior opponent could wage an effective campaign against a superior foe through guerrilla warfare.

Something I still maintain. Hell, even one of our greatest Generals in history, Eisenhower practically begged America to watch out for the Military-Industrial complex and here we are about to give them any hope of resistance on a silver platter. What you are advocating is stopping the threat of oppression by our government with your belief they won't oppress you.

If you believe that, cool, it's your perogative. I disagree.

While true, I still maintain the need to try.

With the "guns aren't needed to defend from our government" troupe there seem to be a lot of questions they never want to ask or answer.

1). Why did the Founding Fathers feel the need to make it the 2nd amendment?

2). How do we propose to stop government oppression without the threat of foce?

As the old quote goes "Those who give up the 2nd Amendment have just given up the 1st".
ok lets start with Eisenhower.
what he was refering to was not at all oppression by the Government.
He was after all a General before he was a president.
He was refering to the alliance between corporate buisness entities and the military.The practice of making money through death.
We as a country have been at war nonstop for almost 100 years.
that is becasue people make money on bullets, MREs, BDUs, and a million other things through Government spending. Our on the books Budget is 900 billion, far greater then any othe expenditure, as a general and a President he saw first hand how plutocrats and Buisness owners salivate at the prospect of sending poor peoples kids to die in far off lands and pilfering the government coffers without consequence. that was his warning...nothing remotely attributable to The 2nd Amendment or Government take overs.

Ive addressed the 2nd amendment several times.
In 1776, the country in its infancy had no federal financing,and so no standing army.when the war was declared raising an army was a big problem.
When the war was over, they still existed in constant jepoardy of not only British vacillation, but French, mexican and Indian agression.
In short they NEEDED a standing army but could not afford one.
This and the obvious need of firearms in frontirer life created quite a consensus for the wording of the amendment, as well as the protection against future oppression from our own Government which was fermented by the opression of the crown, and The Roman and Ottoman empires.

the context in which it was written is clearly gone, it was a different world.
In addition this fear of Government while historically prudent is lost in the protections provided by the 2nd amendment,it exists in the checks and balances of the Government Branches.
Your rifle isnt gonna help you(lol).

Lastly Ive asked this question a dozen times and no one has provided a coherent answer.
If Governments arent to be trusted,and smaller Government is Good, then what is the recourse to corporate malfiesance?
Corporations are no different then a Government agency, they wield power and wealth to shape society, so do we need our Rifles to protect us against Big Oil or Pharma?