As tragic as the story is, my intent in bringing it to the table was to thry and break more people out of the insular bubbles of conservative entertainment TV/Radio.

If you are a fiscal/social conservative thats great...I tend not to agree with the ideology, and it strikes me on its surface a narrow minded when it only appeals to the few that it benefits....but if youve placed serious consideration
in the ideas, then what more can someone ask of you.

My problem is with FOX.
Its not enough to present conservative ideals, they are always rabble rousing...whipping people up into a frenzy of anger,hate,suspicion, and intolerance.
Like I pointed out, the chances of being murdered in a home invasion are like 1 in 100 million.Throw in the fact that they were two kids...take a look at these hardened criminals,%2017/

I attribute a lot of the hysteria to people being agitated into a state of hyper vigilance , much like PTSD, from watching a network that tells them everynight that a socialist,muslim,foreigner, along with a horde of pink-o liberals has stolen their country from them.