Its alway when it someone else Flipp...I think Ive shared that personal insite with you.
People are always so willing to make judgements and throw stones...until its their kid,or wife, or parent.
You know, i play devils Advocate at times in here and My hope often is to get people on both sides of an issue to think critically about what they are thinking, I do this because Im willing to bet 90% of the guys in here have enjoyed a lot of the blessings of what it means to be a 20-30 YO American suburbanite.
You dont know pain, or suffering until your watching your child starve to death in front of your eyes like huge swaths of this planet do on a daily basis.

To say two clearly stupid kids deserved to die is obscene.
I did plenty of stupid things when I was a kid.
One of my friends that is now a Cop, would get lit and do donuts on an open field in the public park at 12:00am...I guess if a citizen patrol came by , he shoulda shoot him too...who knows what kind of Psycho is behind the wheel Right?

All this paralysis through fear is making people completely hysterical.
Look up causes of death.Homicide is microscopic.then go to the federal crime statictics database and look up how often homicide is commited by a known asailant.Somewhere like 80% of the time.
so, in a pool of more then 300 million souls, the CDC lists 17000 homicides and 80% are caused by premediatation that leaves 3400 random acts of voilence resulting in murder a year.
Ill let anyone whos interested figure out how many zeros are needed behind the decimal point to reflect the odds of getting murdered, its like winning the lotto or getting struck by lightning...