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    when the Raiders put out their Wednesday practice report today, Rolando McClain was listed as not participated for "non injury reasons". When asked about it, Dennis Allen said McClain was missing for "team related issues". Not to be confused with "play related issues" which is what has had McClain as a part time linebacker for this team for much of the season.

    The odd thing is that McClain was on the practice field during the media window. This would suggest it was something that occurred shortly thereafter which prompted his departure.

    Dennis Allen wouldn't expand upon the team issues that had McClain not practicing today but when asked if McClain would be at practice on Thursday he said he didn't know that. None of this sounds good for McClain.

    This comes just after Browns running back Trent Richardson said McClain was one of his idols at Alabama when they played together. He thinks that McClain just doesn't have the talent around him or get the media recognition because he plays for the Raiders.

    The Raiders also signed his former Alabama teammate, linebacker Jerrell Harris to the practice squad today.

    Also happening today was the Raiders putting in a waiver claim on recently waived Eagles defensive end Jason Babin. The Jaguars were ahead of the Raiders in the waiver claim order and were awarded Babin but the Raiders were interested.

    Some believe that if the Raiders were to be awarded Babin, they would have released McClain. Babin played linebacker for the first few seasons of his career before switching to defensive end so it is not out of the realm of possibility.

    All of this happening today may just be a coincidence. We may never know what happened with McClain today. But it isn't good. Now to see if he practices tomorrow. Or is even still on the team by then.

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    McClain was a goner anyway

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    damn you jaguars.... a mcclain for babin switch would have been a win win for us.

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    Haha you beat me too it and I just saw that The Jaguars already got him lol
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    Jags claimed Babin.

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