Anyone use Essentially it offers free online college courses from a variety of very prestigious schools both nationally and internationally (like John's Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford, University of Edinburgh, EPFL etc.).

I just signed up for Introduction to Astronomy, which started today. Figured it was something I never got the chance to actually take in college, and something I'd love to learn more about. I'm kinda excited to see how it goes. It's starts today and is taught Ronen Plesser, a physicist from Duke. I also registered for Think Again: How to Reason and Argue.

There are all sorts of courses from fields in biology, medicine, computer science, law, social sciences and so on. I'm gonna take a stab at Game Theory, Small Introduction to Guitar and perhaps a few neuroscience courses, since that's the field I work in and only have limited formal education in.

Anyone take on classes on it? Looks like a good/fun resource for fledgling nerds like myself.