Theres been a lot of chatter about the Mets dealing Niese or Dickey for a position player this offseason...I am starting to think we are best off keeping these two, who once Dickey is resigned, will both be on team friendly contracts and have the ability to be at the top of our rotation for the foreseeable future.

Santana however, will be a FA after this season ($5mil buy-out) and while he has injury questions he showed last year that no matter the injury, when he is fully healthy he is capable of pitching like a #1/2 starter.

With Harvey, Wheeler, Dickey, Niese, Gee, Mejia, Familia all capable starters for us...we dont need Santana. Maybe he has no value now because he ended the season poorly due to ankle/back injuries, so maybe it's better holding onto him until the season starts and then once he shows he can still pitch when healthy...I definitely think a contending team looking for SP help would give up a solid package for Johan, one not much worse then a potential Dickey/Niese return.

We realistically are not going to compete in 2013 so I see no reason to keep Santana on this roster and watch him become a FA after the season and lose out on a nice return we can get for him. I know he is still getting paid $20-25mil for this upcoming season, but I dont see why Sandy wouldn't be willing to eat most/all the contract in a potential trade, since he is a FA in 2014. Maybe Wheeler can even replace Johan in the rotation.

I'll throw out of a proposal...Johan to LAA for Peter Bourjos? The Angels have no problem taking on players with big contracts and they lost the other "Johan" Santana this offseason, also Haren is gone, so SP is a need for them.

What do you guys think? Would much rather wait until midseason (or ASAP) to trade Johan opposed to trading Niese/Dickey who have much more value to our future than Johan.